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Camel Crickets -- Raleigh Pest Control

Camel Crickets -- Raleigh Pest Control

Camel crickets go by many names: cave crickets, spider crickets, jumping spiders, sprickets, and more. Whatever you call them, they are one of the more unsettling pests homeowners deal with. This is because, by nature, they prefer dark and damp areas that people rarely spend time in—such as crawlspaces and unfinished basements. Camel crickets cannot bite or physically harm a predator in any way. Their only means of self-defense is to jump around when they feel threatened. Sometimes they accidentally jump on you if you get too close. This can be a bit unnerving to say the least!

Camel Crickets – Raleigh Pest ControlThe natural habitat for camel crickets is dark, damp areas of the woods. They are commonly found around rotting wood, large rock formations, caves, etc… but dark, damp areas of a house are also attractive for them. With proper conditions they can reproduce rapidly into a number that can be quite intimidating, though they are harmless to both people and structures.

There are baits available that are very effective in eliminating these crickets. Our technicians are trained in identifying the conducive conditions for infestation and the proper bait choice and placement.