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Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs usually are found in the yard, on sidewalks, and on the exterior of the sunny side of the house. Only occasionally do they make their way indoors. They are easily identified with the three red stripes on their black bodies, although it can be confused with the golden rain tree bug that we talked about elsewhere. The boxelder bug loves to feed on the seeds of maple trees(the seeds that float like helicopters) that sometimes pile up under the tree or gets blown under any nearby shrubbery.

The boxelder bugs start emerging from their overwintering hiding areas around Mar. or April and start laying eggs in the crevices of tree bark. By July- Sept. their population will have dramatically increased, but come Oct. they will start looking for places to overwinter: window casing, garage door jambs, attics, storage buildings, etc… On warm winter days a few may emerge and stumble around, but they really are harmless and only considered a nuisance.

Sweeping or raking up seeds on the ground in the Spring could make a big difference in controlling the population. But if they get to be too much to handle, you may want to consider calling a professional.

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