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Black Widows in Raleigh NC

Black Widows in Raleigh NC

Are Black Widow Spiders Common in Raleigh, North Carolina?

As a local Raleigh Pest Control company, we get this question from our customers often.

Raleigh pest: black widow spiderBlack widow spiders are quite common to the Raleigh/Triangle area. The Black widow, along with the Brown Recluse are two of the spiders that are considered “medically significant” in the Raleigh, NC area. The Black widow is a shiny, silky black color and can be positively identified by the red hourglass shape on the abdomen of the female (the males have red and white streaking). The black widow rarely bites unless their web is disturbed or they feel threatened in some way. Once contact with their web has occurred, they can become very aggressive. The black widow often makes its webs in and around debris, woodpiles, and large rocks. They seem to prefer areas with full sun, though they can sometimes be found in crawlspaces, usually near the door or near the bottom of the garage door, near corners. It is wise to wear heavy-duty gloves when working in areas that are attractive to the black widow. As with any poisonous spider bite seek medical attention immediately. If possible take the spider that inflicted the bite so it can be positively identified. Here’s a link for the treatment of a black widow spider bite from WebMD: Treatment for Black Widow Bite

This Raleigh pest can be controlled with the proper pest control treatments. Contact your local Raleigh Pest Control professional at Innovative Pest Solutions.