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Avoiding Spider Bites

Avoiding Spider Bites

As the Raleigh weather cools down to comfortable conditions, you may be finding yourself cleaning the garage or doing last minute yardwork before winter arrives. In either case, you may be handling some typically undisturbed items (e.g., boxes, rakes), exposing yourself to spider bites. Here are some tips to help you avoid being bitten this season. 

Wear gloves.

Many spider bites occur on the hands when a person is reaching for an item. The easiest way you can protect yourself from this type of spider bite is by wearing thick gloves (e.g., gardening, mechanic gloves) while completing your yard and garage tasks this fall. If your gloves aren’t used often, bang or shake them onto a table and peek inside with a flashlight before placing them onto your hands. Spiders may have crawled inside and found a home since the last time you wore them. 

Check before you reach.

Even while wearing gloves, we highly advise that you always check before you reach for items in typically undisturbed locations. This may include reaching into a corner of the shed for a pair of hedge clippers or reaching behind a box in the garage. Black widow spiders are typically found low to the ground in generally undisturbed spots. Checking with a flashlight can greatly reduce your chances of accidentally sticking your hand into a web. 

Open and shake shoes.

Many of us store shoes in the garage. Often, these are old shoes that we have dedicated for yardwork use only. As temperatures cool and the frequency of yardwork decreases, these shoes end up sitting for longer stretches of time without being worn. Before slipping your foot into a shoe stored in the garage, always overturn the shoe and shake it vigorously. We especially recommend loosening or removing the laces so the shoe’s tongue can be lifted for easier inspection of the interior. 

Schedule regular pest control

As part of our regular pest control services, our technicians take great care to remove spider webs from the outside of your home. While this does not eliminate the need to follow the precautionary suggestions listed above, it will reduce the odds that you will encounter a spider while performing these checks. Help keep your family safe from spiders and call Innovative Pest Solutions today!