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Are garden pests a threat to my home?

Are garden pests a threat to my home?

Are all pests created equal? If a pest attacks my garden plants, will it invade my home? Read on to learn more!

With your garden plants blooming in full force, you may be wondering whether the same pest insects that you see in your garden will infest your house. I have good news! The answer is generally no. Insects are specialized in many ways. Some are adapted to eat certain foods, while others are adapted to live in certain habitats. Many of the insect pests in your garden are strictly herbivorous, meaning that they only eat plants. Certainly, some of these insects can be carried into your home on clothing or fly in through an open door or window, but their herbivorous nature typically prevents them from establishing in your home. If you have house plants, these may support insect populations, but the problem can be easily remedied by moving the plants outside. Stray insects may persist in the home after plant removal, but they will die in a few days without a food source.  

By keeping your home well sealed, you greatly reduce the chances of even having a stray garden pest in your home. Before opening windows this spring and summer, ensure that window screens are completely intact. Remember that many insects are 1/8” long or less, so even a small tear may enable entry. If you have an herb and vegetable garden, be sure to thoroughly inspect any picked produce before bringing it into your home. The creases in vegetables and any attached leaves are especially favorable hiding places for insects. Be on the lookout for any webbing that may contain tiny insects. Washing produce helps remove many of these hidden insects. 

If you are concerned about any insects in your home, call Innovative Pest Solutions. We will be happy to inspect your home and develop a management plan that is customized to your needs.