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Are Chemical Treatments Enough?

Are Chemical Treatments Enough?

The answer is no, and we will be the first to (proudly) admit it! Effective pest control requires an integrative approach that often couples chemical treatments with non-chemical management strategies. We are proud to take this extra, crucial step in pest management.

Chemical control is commonly portrayed as a cure-all. Many other pest control companies contribute to this narrative by repeatedly spraying your home for the same problem. While chemical control is an effective management strategy, it is only a piece of the puzzle. The best way to think of chemical control is like taking a pain reliever for a headache. It takes care of the problem quickly, but it doesn’t solve any underlying causes of the headache (e.g., sinus infection, stress, dehydration). If the source of the problem is not addressed, the problem will keep coming back. 

Non-chemical management looks very different depending on the target pest. For example, non-chemical management for German cockroaches might involve some changes to sanitation practices. Non-chemical management for fungus gnats (see our Pest Spotlight form earlier this month!) would involve identifying the source of moisture and eliminating any wet drywall, insulation, or soil for example. Non-chemical management typically destroys breeding sites and/or blocks entry into your home. These practices are critical for long-term management for the target pest. 

For the most innovative and integrative practices in Raleigh pest control, contact Innovative Pest Solutions. We take pride in helping you achieve long-term pest control in your home.