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Ant or Termite?

Ant or Termite?

Normally ants and termites are pretty easy to differentiate. Ants have color (black, brown, red, gray, tan, and combinations of all of the above), while termites are white; with enough light you can almost see through them. Another big difference is that termites avoid light and stay hidden either in wood or in the soil. You will not see a white termite walking around in the open. Ants of course are readily seen in the open, outside or indoors. The confusion of ants and termites usually occurs doing a swarm.

termite soldiers and workerstermite vs ant identification

Both ants and termites swarm annually in order to start new colonies and to continue their species. When termites swarm they are black instead of white, they are openly flying and crawling around, and they are now attracted to light. It is only during a swarm that you will see ants and termites with wings. Once you know what to look for it is really not that hard to tell the difference between the two. The easiest characteristics to look for are elbowed or straight antennea, and the prescence of a narrow, almost wasp-like waist. Ants have elbowed antennea and a narrow pinched waist. The termite’s antennea is straight and has no waist to speak of. Either ant or termite, if you’d like to get rid of these pesky pest, please give us a call at Innovative Pest Solutions, “…a solution to all your pest needs”.

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