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Having pest control problems in Zebulon?

Let Innovative Pest Solutions, a locally owned and operated pest control company be the solution to your pest problems.

Innovative Pest Solutions is a family run business, owned by brothers Scott and Kevin Spillman. With over 20 years of local, exterminator experience, we can provide quality service at a fair price.

Pest Control Inspection ResultsAt Innovative Pest Solutions we believe that our customers should be treated with respect and listened to about their pest control problems. That is why our pest control technicians are trained to listen to and understand your pest problem and then tailor a pest control service to fit your needs. We understand that every home, homeowner, and pest problem is unique and we can adjust our program to fit your needs and to control your pest problem in a timely manner.

Seeing ants in Zebulon?

Let our state certified, pest control technicians inspect your property, find ant entry points, determine the species of ant, and then use state of the art ant control techniques to control your ant problem. Still seeing ants? Innovative Pest Solutions will come back to determine the cause of your issue and re-treat with no extra cost to you.

Roach found in ZebulonRoaches invading your Zebulon home?

Our pest control technicians know how to deal with every species of roach that may be found in your Zebulon home. Each roach species, German roaches, Smokey Brown Wood Roaches, “Palmetto bugs”, “water bugs”, should be treated in different ways. German roaches are always brought in from another source. These roaches are notorious hitch hikers and can be brought in from the grocery store, stored boxes, infested items etc. This German roaches can be controlled by sanitation and baits on the interior of your home. Wood roaches are introduced from the exterior of the home. Exterior treatment is a must. By knowing our insects and inspecting your home thoroughly, you can be assured that the pest control treatment will be done right the first time…a solution to your pest needs.

Needing a Zebulon Exterminator?

Not only can Innovative Pest Solutions take care of specific pest control problems, we have exterminating programs (link to services) that will prevent you from having pest control problems to begin with. By performing a bi-monthly or quarterly pest control service, Innovative Pest Solutions can prevent pest control problems from occurring and ensure that your home stays pest free throughout the year.

Call today for Zebulon’s best pest control company…Innovative Pest Solutions.

We are the solution to Zebulon’s pest control problems!

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