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Ever had an uninvited encounter with a spider that left you with more than just a story to tell? Spider bites – unexpected, annoying, and unfortunately, not uncommon. But don’t let them ruin your day!

Natural remedies for spider bites can quickly soothe and heal non-serious wounds; you may even have some of these products already in your pantry!

Take a look at our blog, where we’ll detail what you should do when bitten by a spider and the remedies that can bring you quick relief. 

Spider Bite Care

Natural remedies for spider bites may offer some comfort for mild reactions, but it’s still important to seek medical attention immediately if bitten by a venomous spider, like a black widow or brown recluse, as these pests can cause serious health issues. 

Here are some at-home care tips that may help alleviate discomfort from non-venomous spider bites:

Keep It Clean

After a medical professional has cleared you, start your wound care process by thoroughly cleaning the spider bite. With a gentle soap or cleanser, softly wash the area with warm water to remove any lingering dirt or debris near the wound. 

While these bites aren’t large, keeping this space clean and preventing infection is essential. Spider bites aren’t a walk in the park, even from non-venomous species, so some natural remedies for spider bites like this may not prevent infection. We recommend frequent but gentle cleaning once or twice a day to promote proper healing and prevent nasty infections.

After washing the spot, pat it dry and apply a bandage large enough to cover the bite. Keeping the spider bite under wraps will help the wound heal and keep potential irritants, like dirt or bacteria, away.

Apply a Cold Compress for Comfort

Is your spider bite itchy or aching? We have the perfect (and simple) solution for you!

Swelling and irritation are unfortunate side effects of most pest bites, and spider bites are no different. Soon after your run-in with these eight-legged pests, you may notice redness, inflammation, and swelling around the bite. 

To reduce these symptoms, try out one of these natural remedies for spider bites. We suggest applying a cold compress or ice pack to provide some relief. You can typically find store-bought options at your local convenience or drug store. Or you can make your own!

Fill a plastic freezer bag with ice and water to craft a DIY cold pack. Leave this in the freezer for a few hours to let the water freeze and the bag get nice and cold. Once everything has solidified, take it out, wrap the bag in a dish towel, and place it on the affected area for around 15 minutes. 

Avoid leaving the ice on your skin for more than recommended, and never use an ice pack without a towel or other covering, as you could harm your skin or even cause tissue damage with overuse!

Keep an Eye Out For Reactions

You shouldn’t worry about severe reactions unless bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider. However, everyone reacts differently to pest bites, and it’s always wise to monitor your health in case of new symptoms. 

If you experience the following, contact your doctor or an emergency service for prompt care. Remember, it’s always better to be safe! 

Some symptoms can be addressed at home with over-the-counter pain or fever relief medication. But if your symptoms persist or grow serious, consider contacting a medical professional for guidance. 

Natural Remedies for Spider Bites

So, what do you do when a spider bite isn’t severe but still gives you grief? We have a few natural remedies that can remove the persistent itch or even give you quick pain relief. 

Aloe vera plant, one of the natural remedies for spider bites

Combatting Spiders With Innovative Pest Solutions

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